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2019 Weekend Retreat

Come spend the weekend with us! …a little art, a little yoga, a little R&R for the teenage soul.

jUly 5-7  &    jULY 12-14

Please download & print the full form for additional information including allergies, medical, and parent's authorization.

About our retreats

The creation of It’s a Girl Thing Weekend Retreat came to me through many-a-group participant expressing a desire for “more.“ More group time, more activity, more bonding with each other. During the weekend, your daughter will engage in team building activities, group discussions, yoga, dance, and other forms of movement to enhance body integrity, art work, free time, guided meditation, journaling &/or poetry.


What I truly aim to teach through this experience is that actually, less is more. The goal is to teach and encourage your teen how to relax, practice self-care, enjoy “down” time and have fun without the aid of television, the internet, cel phones, video games, drugs or alcohol. To appreciate the quiet beauty of nature. To look within, before seeking the external answers.

The Retreat is held in Montgomery, NY. The location allows us the flexibility to meet in large or small groups, the opportunity to be a bit messy with our expressive art projects, to be a bit loud, should we feel the need to dance, a hot-tub for relaxing during down time, and a pool for a moonlight swim. The staff is well-seasoned and phenomenal in providing endless TLC to participants. The cuisine is vegetarian, simply with the intention of encouraging young women to be more conscious about healthy food choices. This ain’t no summer camp, no hot dogs and paper plates here!


My thirteen year old attended a weekend retreat with Amy. She was very reluctant and begged me not to make her attend the retreat. At the end of that weekend I was greeted by my ‘new’ thirteen year old. The strong, independent and confident 13 year old and she was begging to return the following weekend.
— Tricia Kortright.
I met Amy when my girls were 14 and 10. I originally found her through the recommendation of a former therapist of mine who was well aware of my concerns about the relationship I had with my older daughter and how angry she seemed to be with me ALL the time. Her first and only contact with Amy was through one of her ‘It’s a Girl Thing’ retreats. She brought a friend with her and it was a great experience for them both. Amy’s passion for her work comes through in all she does, and it is so great to see the creative expressive art work from her girls.
— MaryAnn Rothstein
Amy’s summer retreats have been some of the best weekends of my life. Meeting new people and bonding with them so quickly you think we are lifelong friends. Extremely comfortable environment and allows the perfect 3-day escape.
— -Leah Stern