The IGT Story

Thoughtfully and carefully creating a sacred space where girls were free to come as they are.   Taking our time and sharing only what one feels comfortable with.  Honoring and celebrating our similarities and respecting our differences.  Recognizing that we all have something to offer, and something to learn, from each individual.  And in time, trusting that we as a group are “big enough” to hold the space for any and all feelings.  What transpired from that group was both sacred and magical, tender and loving.  What they were able to share with each other offered comfort and healing. What an honor it is, to join girls at this very vulnerable and critical time in their lives.  I think we underestimate our youth.  When teens are given the support and opportunity to rise to the occasion, I am always impressed.  And forever grateful.
Today, It’s a Girl Thing! offers  11 groups each week, open to girls between the ages of 12-23 in two locations.  Since 2000, IGT has empowered over 1200 girls in the Hudson Valley region to move forward in their lives with increased confidence and strength.

It's a Girl Thing! expressive arts support group was born out of countless hours with individual patients---all teen girls---in overwhelming emotional debt of connection.  These were girls longing for acceptance, belonging, safety, encouragement, respect, self-respect, confidence, support, guidance, a sense of purpose, and the belief that it will all be ok.  These were girls who often felt lonely in overcrowded school hallways, and alone in their feelings.  These were girls who were fearful of judgement of other girls, struggled with healthy peer relationships and felt misunderstood by adults. And these were girls dealing with the stress of adolescence in the absolute best way they knew how, even though some of their strategies were dishonoring or self-harming.  In 2000, I convinced eight of these teens to gather together and actually consider exposing some of their vulnerabilities with each other, forming the very first IGT group.  Clinically, I knew that group therapy with teens is the #1 most effective form of treatment. But more so, I knew that this experience for these eight courageous girls would far exceed a “clinical” benefit.